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What's happening at The Moore Farm

There is always something going on around our hobby farm,  and that's the way we like it.  Everything from projects, church youth events,  goats and chickens,  kids laughing (or crying), to fixing up the old barn, this is our life and we wouldn't change a thing.  Thanks for dropping by to check out what's happening here at The Moore Farm!

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For sale

Nigerian dwarf goats born 6-7-22. Twin blue eyed does are ready for their new homes! SOLD- Thank you Shara!


Goat pen project

The goat pen project is officially complete!


Barn restoration

It was about 2 months before we found the farm for sale. Eric told me he gave up on his dream of having a building, which broke my soul. At the time we were living in an upscale subdivision with an acre and a half of sloped land,  and no room for a building.  He loves trucks (Dodge trucks in particular), and has wanted a place to work on them for over a decade.  When we found this place we obsessed over the old barn, and knew that as soon as the finances allowed, it was getting a huge makeover.  

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What is the purpose of owning goats?

Many people own goats for a number of reasons.  Everything from clearing brush, milking,  breeding and selling, raising them for meat,  making soap, etc.  
We personally own goats to breed and sell their babies,  so that we can milk them!

How long are Nigerian Dwarfs pregnant?

Gestation is 145-155 days, so approximately 5 months. 

How long will they produce milk?

Assuming they are being milked twice a day and have a healthy diet, they will produce milk for a year on average. Most goat owners breed their goats once a year. 

How big do Nigerian Dwarfs get?

A full grown doe stands anywhere from 17-22 inches tall, while a buck stands between 19-23 inches. They can range in weight from 50-85 lbs. They are comparable to a medium to large dog. 

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