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Barn restoration progress

Time is a funny thing.

It has a way of getting away from us, and passing by so quickly before we even realize it. Some of the projects that we thought would be completed by now, are just now starting to be thought of a year and a half later.

The barn on the property was oddly enough what attracted us to this place. That's funny to me because it needed alot of work and wasn't ideal for what we wanted to use it for.

I honestly love it though. But Eric knew he wanted to turn this old barn into a building for all his trucks, vehicles, tractors, etc so he needed to change some things. The first thing he did was close in the open section in the front so it was completely closed in. He opened up the inside by removing most of the hay loft, and some unnecessary posts. Then he cut a HUGE hole in the metal siding! My heart sank a little initially...

Side note- Right before this picture was taken, a random guy from the south showed up asking if we needed our barn roof rubber coated... so bizarre. But it seemed as though Jesus himself was sending us a work angel, so we took him up on it!

Next, Eric made a barn door using the metal he cut out, and he hung it on a big metal track. I am making this sound much easier than it really was... it had its share of challenges, and took several days.

After that, he dug the dirt floor down and got it all level. He brought in several loads of gravel to raise the floor up to the level of the existing concrete pad.

He tamped it all down so it was nice and level, and can now pull his trucks in for the winter.

Concrete is next, but will have to wait until spring at this point. We are getting closer, and are so excited to finally have all his trucks under one roof!

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