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Meet Lewis, and never say never

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Since long before we picked out our baby goats, I told Eric we would never get a buckling. Bucks (boy goats) stink. They pee all over their long beards and face to attract the females, that's nasty! I decided to avoid having to deal with all that, I would take our girls to be bred at the farm where they came from.

As time went on, Ireland and Oreos little herd mates began to get reserved one by one. But there were two that nobody wanted. A parrot mouth (overbite) little grey buckling, and a buckling that had a patch of hair missing on his side. For show goats, these two deformities disqualify them, and so those were the only two left.

Eric and I talked about it for a few days, and eventually decided we would take the little guy with the missing patch of hair. He will be fixed before he comes to our farm (a wether), so he won't be peeing all over himself... thank goodness.

Luckily for little parrot mouth, my friend Dee is going to take him to join her 3 other nigerian dwarfs. Yay, no goat left behind!

Meet Lewis

Isn't he the best? His coloring is so pretty. He gets his name from the family that sold us the house, and I think he'll be the perfect addition to The Moore Farm.

Never say never.

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