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Plants, Plants, Plants

Even though the outside temps are still pretty frigid, I'm very hopeful today because spring is one day closer!

Spring is hands down my favorite time of year. I love seeing people get outside after being cooped up all winter, and it makes my heart happy to see all the new growth on the plants and trees. I also get overly excited about putting out my jumbo Easter eggs in the yard, for all around to see. Since we still have some time to go until all of that begins to happen, I have been bringing spring to me instead.

Meet my Goji berry plant.

I know what your thinking. That looks like a stick. Well yes it does but that stick is very much alive.. contrary to what my dad thought when my mom gave it to me as a Christmas gift! That photo was taken a few days after Christmas, to show my mom there was green on it. Fast forward to a couple days ago...

Look at this thing! Its like a bean stalk! I think I'll name him Jack. Every morning when I wake up, and I look at...Jack, it's like spring is here. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I see all the new growth it has already, and it's the middle of winter!

I think this plant makes me extra happy because we all thought it was dead at first. :)

I also have some ivy growing in my window sill that I grew from cuttings I took in the fall.

If you have a window sill... and are itching to get outside like me... I highly recommend getting a plant. Whatever one your little heart desires, plant that thing in a pot and watch it grow! It's good for the soul, and will get you through this last part of winter.

Happy planting!

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