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RIP Lewis!

It was the night before we were all set to go and collect our 3 Nigerian Dwarfs.

I could not sleep I was so excited. We had everything set up..hay in the hay feeder, all the minerals were set out, straw was down. We were less than 12 hours away! After getting maybe 2 hours of sleep, it was morning and the time had come to drive an hour and a half to the farm.

Then I got a text. Kara told me that Lewis had a little accident with the hay feeder and he wasn't coming home today. Well... I didn't like the sound of that but thought maybe he was just hurt and needed some medical treatment or extra attention. I think she quickly realized by my response that I didn't fully understand. "He did not make it." she said.

The poor little guy was climbing on the wall hanging hay feeder, and stuck his head through the side, and then was either pushed off the platform by another goat, or just lost his footing. We were so looking forward to him coming to the Moore farm for a couple reasons. First off, he was born with a patch of missing fur and nobody wanted him. Also we named him after the family that used to own our farm, and Eric's grandpas name was Lewis Everett.

We really did love him before he even made it to our barn. RIP little guy.

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