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Our little farmhouse

We finally found our forever home.  Eric and I truly feel like we were led to this place and it was the home meant for us.  From happening upon it by looking for a pontoon boat, to selling our old house in 6 days,  we are convinced God wanted us here. The first time we drove by, we didn't even stop initially, thinking it was probably a 2 bedroom house.  It just looks small from the outside.  We were oooing and ahhhing over the barn and 7.5 acres when the owner pulled up in his truck.  He showed us the inside and to our surprise,  there were 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms! It was pretty dated, and we were already living in a beautifully updated house.  We told ourselves we weren't interested.  That night,  we both couldn't quit thinking about the house and property.  It was strange.  The kids even wanted to come back and just walk around,  and even jokingly called it "The Moore Farm"! We probably came back 10 times before signing a purchase agreement,  but I'm so glad we did.  We love it here,  and we know we made the right choice.  

Our little farmhouse: Our little farmhouse
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