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God's Goats

  We have a very special goat named Navarre.  She has always been a little different than the others,  kind of a loner and extremely gentle. During the winter of 2022 the temps dropped into the single digits for several days and she begun acting strange. She would only turn to her left,  unable to walk straight and definitely could not turn to the right.  We took her in to the garage and began researching and treating her for listeriosis.   She got significantly worse to the point we were going to put her down.
  We prayed for God's will to be done but that if she lived,  we would make sure her life made a difference for God.  It might sound extreme and bizarre but we loved this little goat so much. 
  I (Logan) had been awake with Navarre throughout the night thinking she would pass several times.  When Sunday morning came I stayed home from church,  while Eric went.  We decided that when he got home he would put her down.   Luckily for Navarre,  he worked a 24 hour shift at the Fire Department the night before and decided to take a nap before he carried out the dreadful task.   After waking up,  he walked downstairs to get Navarre and she was standing there eating hay... something she hadn't been able to do for days.
  Navarre continued getting better every day,  and that is when our God's Goats ministry was born.  God answered our prayers, so we had a promise to keep.  It was decided then that her offspring would be sold for charity. 
  The following spring she was bred for fall babies,  but about halfway through her pregnancy she started circling again and miscarried.  At that point it was decided that since she was likely unable to reproduce, the first goats born every year would be sold for charity instead of Navarre's offspring. 

God works in mysterious ways.  Serving others is always what He wants us to do,  even if it's not in the way we originally plan.  He knows best,  so we just need to follow Him.


Pumpkins for People

We moved into our dream house in July of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic.  We bought a very modest brick ranch home that sits on almost 8 acres.  It had a barn,  and a huge shed that we quickly fell in love with.  
  We decided the following spring to plant a garden on the south facing side of the shed.   We planted tomatoes,  watermelon,  potatoes, carrots, spinach,  kale, lettuce,  sunflowers, and peppers.  But what we didn't plant there was pumpkins.
  During the middle of the summer I started noticing 2 plants that were getting huge, and I contemplated pulling them up as they were crowding my other plants.   I decided instead of doing that,  I would just move them to an area that had more space. 
  After nearly dying from the transplant,  the plants grew and grew and started setting fruit. I quickly realized these were pumpkin plants.   From those 2 pumpkin plants,  20 pumpkins were harvested that first year.   Remembering that I had done nothing to deserve this harvest, and actually failing to grow ANY pumpkins from my patch over the hill,  a ministry was born.  
   Pumpkins for people provides pumpkins to area children's ministries for kids to paint and auction off at their churches to raise money for charity.  
If you know of a local church who would like to participate,  please contact

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